Love, Me

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About the Series

Love, Me is a continuing community project that is comprised of collections of short stories based on submitted advice. As of December 2021, the series features three self-publihsed comic books and twenty-three originally designed, featured animal characters. The series is continuing again in 2023.

How It Started

Love, Me started off as a semester-long project for an undergraduate class and has continued into a larger series. The course was taught by Mitch Vicieux who is now the co-founder, along with Sydney Kit, of the Columbus-based comic club Columbus Cartoon Coalition.

It continued outside of class projects and into a second volume, which saw the addition of Candy Princehorn as the script creator. Candy continued to work as the script creator for the third comic, "Love, Me: You Are Not Alone".

How to support the "Love, Me" series

Copies of the comic books and stickers are available for purchase at the shop.

Submit your own advice to be turned into a comic! Send an email or fill out this form.

Want to support the writer? Commission Candy's work through email.

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