Color Theory

About the Comic Series

Color Theory is a continuing participatory art series that is comprised of weekly comics that are influenced by color palettes. Every week, Sydney Kit shares a new color palette with her audience and invites them to share what it remind them of. The comics are then created based on those responses. To find out more, check out the introduction blog.

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Cotton Candy Fields

The Cherry Blossom's Friends


Bowser's Halloween

Sports Around The World

The Harvest

My Favorite Things About Ohio Winter

What Middle School Looked Like For...

Wishing of...

Finally A Teenager


A Tribue To Ice Cream

Camping Hero

Hiking In Summer V Winter

My Style

How To Make Key Lime Pie

Easter Then V Now

Kitchen Remodeling

Swimming Pool Mermaid

Why I Bought It

Vacation Schedule

Things In My Apartment That Just Make Sense: TikTok Trend

Forbidden Starbucks

My Past Life

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